Weed Hawg Anglers

Tournament Rules


Interpretation of the rules are exclusive to the tournament officials. Special instructions may be in effect during any tournament when the tournament officials deem it necessary or as dictated by local rules or laws. The tournament officials will have ruling on any discrepancies or changes to the rules and regulations of the club. A majority vote of the tournament officials will be required for any and all changes. Any questions, concerns, violations or challenges to the club rules must be presented to the tournament committee in writing within 7 days of the tournament.


Participation in the Weed Hawg Anglers tournament trail is open to all who have a valid Massachusetts fishing license , are members of NEBA Inc. and who have not been disqualified from tournament fishing. All contestants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult or have parental consent forms signed. Each team shall consist of two members per boat.


No boat shall be launched in tournament waters until a full boat inspection has been completed by a tournament official. All boats must be inspected and in the water prior to the start of a tournament. All teams must pay for every tournament even if they don't attend. If for any valid reason you cannot make the official registration time you must contact a tournament official.


A number will be drawn at registration to determine the order of departure. The team with the highest number will be the start boat. ( Amended November 2008 ) No power loading. There will be no use of engine power once the boat touches the trailer. Enforced by EPO not the tournament committee.


Only large mouth and small mouth bass with a minimum length of 12 inches measured with the mouth and the tail closed will be weighed in. For each legal length dead bass weighed in the team will be penalized one quarter pound deducted from the daily score. Any bass that appears to be altered in any way will be weighed in and credited only at the discretion of the tournament officials. There will be a 6 fish team limit. Culling is permitted but must be done before coming to shore. Stringers will not be used at any time during a tournament.


Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times by tournament contestants. All boaters must observe any and all posted speed zones and traffic patterns on all tournament waters. Unless otherwise posted or required by tournament officials 45 mph will be the maximum speed limit.


All tournament contestants are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety, and conservation. Maximum courtesy must be practiced at all times especially in the vicinity of non competitors. Any infraction of the above mentioned rules may be deemed cause for disqualification. No alcoholic beverages or non prescription medication will be in the boat or weigh in area until after the presentation of the awards.


Only artificial lures will be permitted. Live bait or prepared bait is not allowed with the exception of pork rinds, strips, etc. Only one rod ( no longer than 8 feet ) may be used at one time. Others may be rigged and ready for use. All bass must be caught alive and in a sporting manner. Trolling as a means of fishing is not allowed. Nets are allowed but must measure six feet of length or less from tip to tip. Snagging or netting fish on beds is prohibited.


Every boat is expected to have all state required safety equipment. All boats must have a functioning live well properly aerated to adequately to keep a teams limit of bass alive. Boats not equipped with a live well must use a cooler.


Coast Guard approved PFD's must be worn at all times while the gasoline engine is running. Failure to do so could be cause for disqualification.


Fishing is permitted anywhere on the tournament waters except within 25 yards of another contestants boat which is anchored. An anchored boat is defined as having an anchor in the water and the trolling motor out of the water. Buoy markers are permitted. All angling must be done from the boat. Contestants may not leave their boats to land a fish or any other time except in case of an emergency.


All creel weights will be determined by pounds and decimal pounds at the tournament site. Points will be awarded at each tournament. Overall standings at the end of the season will be based on the following point system.

150 points First Place Team

148 points Second Place Team

146 points Third Place Team

144 points Fourth Place Team

Two less points for each team in order of diminishing weight. For those participating but not weighing in any fish 10 less points than the last team weighing in fish will be awarded to that team.

All teams weighing in a full limit of 6 bass will be awarded 5 bonus points.

If a team has to fish with only one team member they will have a five fish limit and will not receive any bonus points for that tournament.


Competitors must launch at the official ramp. no other access may be used unless other wise specified.


Contestants not at the official check point at the appointed time shall be penalized at the rate of one (1) pound per minute to be deducted from their daily catch, including any weight toward lunker. after being late for a total of fifteen minutes, that team will be disqualified. All fishing must stop upon the arrival of the official check point. If a boat in distress signals for help you must stop and render assistance. If nothing can be done, one team member from the distressed boat may bag the teams fish and take them to the launch. under these conditions no penalty will be assessed.


In case of a tie for any place, the largest bass will be the determining factor to break the tie. If a tie still exists, then total live fish will break the tie, then total fish, then a flip of a coin.


None of the above rules shall prohibit a properly designated tournament official from approaching or boarding any contestants boat at any time during a tournament.


All complaints concerning violations against any contestants must be reported verbally to the tournament officials and must be submitted in writing prior to the presentations of awards. All complaints on violations shall be ruled on prior to the presentation of awards.


Two club members from different teams may fish together and each team will be awarded the same number of points. When two members from different teams combine for a tournament, both teams must pay full entrance dues if they want the points for the end of the year standings. If no substitution can be found the remaining team may fish alone if he or she chooses, but must pay the full entry fee for the day. A team member may fish alone as many times as he/she chooses, but the team will be allowed a substitution only twice a year.


In the event of a thunder storm before the start of a tournament each team must meet at the tournament site. At that time a vote will be taken as to whether the tournament will be held or not. The following conditions will be considered. If a tournament begins by 10:00 AM and five (5) hours of fishing can be had, the tournament will be held. The tournament will be canceled at 10:00 AM, if there is still thunder and lightening. If the tournament is canceled it will be held on the scheduled storm date.


No team receiving a class "A" prize is eligible for a class "B" prize.