Tournament Director: Paul Ayers. Tournament Members: Robert Ayers, Larry Lacasse, Todd Fischer and Steve Paris

     The (Weed Hawg Anglers) are mainly from the Central and Western Massachusetts
     areas.  We are a club of Bass Fisherman who enjoy bass fishing on both a competitive
     and fun level.  In addition to the 7 tournaments our club holds each year, some of
     our members also fish at the State Level, they fish the NEBA tournament trail as
     well.  There is a link to the NEBA website on this page for more information on NEBA
     and their scheduled events. 

     Our club includes members of all age groups and we also have a few husband / wife

     Our club has a maximum of 15 Teams.  Some years we are looking for both boaters
     and non-boaters.  That information may be posted under the UPDATES section.  If
     openings exist, there will also be contact information, and interested parties can
     contact the officers of the Weed Hawg Anglers for more information on joining.


    * Weed Hawg Member Form
    * Tournament Trail Form 2015
    * Zebra Mussel / Clean boat form
    * 2017 TOC Form
   * Lake Champlain Reciprocal License Map
   * NY Fishing Licenses
   * VT Fishing Licenses



NOV 2016

The 2017 WHA Trail is posted below. All 2017 Permits have been obtained.